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In this section you can find out more information about Synx Dynamics portals, Sitefinity and how to get started with the solution.

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Create amazing Dynamics Portals with Synx

With CRM Synx you are empowered to create client and customer portals by connecting your web CMS to Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.

Create an impressive customer engagement tool that provides a range of benefits to the business including:

  • Customers can engage with you 24/7
  • Improved data integrity
  • Reduced administration resources
  • Cross sell/upsell products & services
  • 360-degree view for/of your customers

Creating Dynamics Portals is simple. With Synx, no programming knowledge is needed. It is as easy as using any CMS, however, the benefits and changes the business will see once Synx has been integrated are extraordinary.

Synx CRM portals

Sitefinity Partnership

Synx has partnered with Progress Sitefinity CMS, to bring you a powerful solution for creating drag and drop Dynamics portals, with the connectivity and security of Synx.

As a combined solution, this provides you with the most advanced CRM Portal builder available today at the lowest cost available.

Progress Sitefinity

Why CRM Synx?

To create a Dynamics Portal, research will lead you to a few solutions on the market. Microsoft now provide ADX Studio, development teams will talk about using Scribe and building their own CRM Portal and you may come across CRM Portal Connector, which offers a similar Solution to us.

So why choose to use Synx?

The answer is in the product, simplicity. Synx uses Sitefinity CMS, the most intuitive .NET CMS available today. It is incredibly powerful if you need it to be but remains very easy to use. 

Our portal builder works by pulling data from Dynamics 365/CRM into your website to create a secure online gateway of information displays and CRM forms. With Synx Dynamics CRM portals you can acquire more customers, manage relationships and provide excellent customer service with more ease than ever before.

Synx works with Dynamics CRM On Premise and Dynamics 365. The hosting of Synx & Sitefinity platform is up to you. You can deploy to:

  • On premise environment
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Load balanced
  • Dedicated hosting data centres
  • Synx Private Cloud

For full requirements, please see our documentation here.

Full Service Solution

Interested in Synx but don't currently use Sitefinity? We have put together all the material you need to get started on your Synx journey. You can find all the information about Sitefinity, what it is and what it does, why we use it and how to start using the powerful solution.

We offer full service solution, where we will discuss the requirements with the business or your Dynamics team and then design, configure and setup your online CRM portal for you. We can even assist in your Dynamics project development too if you are at the early stages of your project. Contact us today to speak to a solutions specialist.

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